Case Study

HGi Technologies Office Solutions Case Study

AirePBX Cloud Business Phone Success Story

Before switching to AireSpring, HGi used a premises-based NEC PBX across its three locations. Voice quality was adequate, but the system was inflexible and lacking in robust features. As a modern office solutions company, HGi required a modern office phone system with an advanced set of features and unified communications capabilities.
“Our vision was to have all of our branches function as if they were a single phone system,” said Blake Siemon, Vice President of HGi Technologies. “With our previous system, we could transfer calls between our branches, but it was cumbersome. We were forced to continuously buy multiple phone numbers so that our customers could easily contact their representatives. At one of our locations, we essentially carried an extra employee just to answer the phones because of this limitation.”

Not only was HGi Technologies using an outdated system which hindered communications, but they felt they were paying more for less. Seeking a modern business phone system at a reasonable price, they reached out to a communications consultant who recommended AireSpring.
“Most of our staff spend time in client’s offices, so the ability to have our phone line ring to our cell through the Accession Mobile app helped maximize our ability to service clients.”

- Blake Siemon, Vice President