Webinar: Improve Security and Application Performance with AireSpring's Global Private Network

Webinar: "Improve Security, User Experience, and Application Performance with AireSpring’s Global Private Network and
Premium China Access"

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PST
Presenter: Dave Pierce, Director,
Global SD-WAN,

SD-WAN relies on the internet to keep costs low and leverage its true benefits. At the same time, the internet can suffer from issues like latency, packet loss and jitter ‒ problems that are severely aggravated with longer distances. Connectivity into certain geographic areas can be especially limited due to regulatory restrictions.

All these factors together can decrease the overall value of SD-WAN.
If you have multi-national clients, clients that do business with
international companies, or have employees in other countries, you
won’t want to miss AireSpring’s next webinar training on the benefits of
our Global Private Network (GPN) and Premium Internet Access for
China (PIAC).

The benefits that a global private network can offer include enhanced
security, reliability, coverage, control, and ultra-low latency, which can
be tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.
The Great Firewall of China, or the Golden Shield Project, is the world’s
most advanced and extensive Internet censorship program and
impacts the performance of websites worldwide and can affect your
clients’ websites, digital marketing campaigns, and applications!
Find out how AireSpring’s Global Private Network and Premium
Internet Access to China helps your clients:

Increase application performance and employee productivity
Improve the customer/employee experience with websites and
SaaS or Web applications
Understand what the Great Firewall of China is and how
AireSpring can bypass it
Help your clients understand the consequences of outdated
architecture and how they can cost-effectively migrate to better,
more secure international connectivity

Join Dave Pierce, AireSpring’s Director of Global SD-WAN, for an
informative overview of AireSpring’s Global Private Network and how it
can help your existing and future customers with digital
transformation, network security, and give them a strategic advantage